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Arguineguin Walk June 13 2020

08:00am Walk

We woke up at 08:00am, keen to get out for some fresh morning air when there were less people about which is important as we are observing social distancing due to the current Coronavirus safety measures.

Arguineguin Coronavirus Safety Poster
A Coronavirus information poster outside Unide Supermarket Arguineguin

We stopped by the Unide supermarket and there was a reminder on the wall to wear a mask. It’s obligatory here to wear masks in public places and shops, and where 2 metres distance cannot be guaranteed. It’s sad to see people are still disrespecting this.

The last few days have been a bit stormy looking but still warm, although it would be good to have a nice downpour to clear the air.

Passing through the Ancora Center we headed for the bridge, which had a great view of the main road that goes through the village.

Arguineguin Bridge View June 13 2020
A quiet Saturday morning in Arguineguin

We headed over the bridge towards La Lajilla beach lookout point. A photogenic little dove was sitting on the railings with a the beach and Mount Teide of Tenerife in the distance.

La Lajilla Mirador Arguineguin Dove June 13 2020
A sweet little dove sits on the railings of La Lajilla lookout point

After our encounter we continued on the top road up towards Puesta de Sol, down the stairs to the promenade with a stormy view of Marañuelas beach. The sun was trying hard to shine through the clouds and the temperature was very pleasant for early morning.

Marañuelas Beach Arguineguin June 13 2020
Stormy sky over Marañuelas Beach Arguineguin | June 13 2020

As we ended our walk we stopped by the memorial stone for the Mogán citizens who died tragically in a plane crash on Spanair flight JK5022 from Madrid to Gran Canaria on August 20th 2008. Many people walk past this memorial and don’t realise what it is.

Spanair JK5022 Memorial Arguineguin Gran Canaria
Spanair JK5022 Memorial Stone

We hope you enjoy these walks with us and learned some more about the beautiful village of Arguineguin. 🌸