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Arguineguin Walk September 14 2021

08:25am Morning Walk

Tuesday morning in Arguineguin at 08:25am, it was shaping up to be a beautiful day in Gran Canaria. Parrots flew playfully between the palm trees as people headed to work and school. The hustle and bustle of the main roads gone once we headed down to Costa Alegre lookout point, where the sun was already shining over Anfi de Mar.

Costa Alegre Beach Mid-September 2021
Costa Alegre Beach September 14th 2021

We took the small ramp down to the promenade through Ciao Italian Restaurant. The early waves crashed onto the rocks below as the sun shone on the harbour.

Arguineguin Promenade Harbour View
Arguineguin Promenade Harbour View

It was so lovely that we just had to make a Facebook live video for you. If you missed it, we uploaded it to YouTube for you below.

Arguineguin Live Video

The morning sunshine was edging round and we continued the promenade path round to Las Marañuelas beach. There is some construction going on and it looks like they have removed the small tourist information hut and are making some improvements.

We head along the maritime road and can see the beach and path we’ve just covered. Some people jog past, getting in some fitness before the midday sun. We turn left and go up towards the high street going past the pretty yellow tiled bench.

In the high street there is a lot of construction happening on the main road so rush hour can get a little crowded especially since the children went back to school on the 13th September.

We finish the live video at the well known Spar supermarket, where you will no doubt buy some groceries or snacks during your stay in Arguineguin.

Arguineguin Rooftops
Arguineguin Rooftops
Arguineguin Main Road
Arguineguin Main Road

We hope you enjoyed this Gran Canaria walk in Arguineguin in mid-September. Hopefully you will be here to see it for yourself very soon.

Thanks for reading 🌸😀