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Arguineguin Walk September 28 2021

08:04am Early morning Walk

Today we start our walk bright and early at the Ancora Shopping Center, the heart of Arguineguin. We have the start of a calima in the air but the morning was still fresh as we now enjoy the last days of September weather.

Early morning Arguineguin in September 2021
The Ancora Center basking in the September sunrise

As we cross over past the Whale’s Tail roundabout and over to the coastal road, we saw some pretty palm tree reflections in the puddle left over from the daily road sanitizing. The clouds are really unique today.

Arguineguin Palm Tree Reflections
Arguineguin Palm Tree Reflections

Off we go to the coastal path with starts right next to Dorado Beach Hotel. At this time of the morning it’s common to see many people jogging and walking on this path which takes you all the way through Patalavaca to Anfi del Mar. Since the renovation to this path a while ago there is now outdoor gym equipment and shade along the way.

Sunwing Arguineguin Seafront is open and is looking very nice after the new signage and work.

Sunwing Arguineguin Seafront
Sunwing Arguineguin Seafront

We had a nice view of Anfi from the top here and we made the decision to head down the steep slope by Servatur Green Beach before heading back toward the village along the rugged beach path.

Rock Pool Arguineguin and Anfi del Mar
Rock Pool Arguineguin and Anfi del Mar

Now on the beach path, below where we stood before, we made a short Facebook live video. The sun rising, some pigeons flew playfully back and forth as we took a little walk enjoying the sound of the waves lapping on the rocks.

We carried on along this path until we reached Costa Alegre beach which was looking lovely this morning. Again we have calima cloud over this side and today’s high temperatures reached around 30C degrees.

Costa Alegre Beach Arguineguin
Costa Alegre Beach aka La Lajilla on a September morning

As always, we hope you enjoyed this photo and video tour in our little village of Arguineguin. Please share with your friends. Thank you. 🌸