Fiestas del Carmen

Every July, Arguineguin celebrates the Fiestas del Carmen. There are plenty of activities to join in with such as the huge water fight parade through the streets known as Bajada de la Rama or the free outdoor concerts, boat procession and markets.

Fiestas del Carmen Arguineguin Boat Procession

Fiestas del Carmen 2022 dates for Arguineguin are 8th – 17th July. After that the celebration is passed on to Playa de Mogán. Below are just some highlights of the program that you should not miss.

Festival Latino El Carmen

Friday 8th July 2022 – 23:30h The party starts with shows from Edwin Rivera, Maquinaria Band and a tribute to Juan Luis Guerra by La Sabrosa.

00:00h DJ Promaster and DJ Humberto

Arguineguin Romería

Saturday 9th July 2022 19:00h (Avenida del Muelle now named Avda. Manuel Álamo Suárez to Plaza Peréz Galdós)

The whole event is something to check out, but make sure you don’t miss the Romería of Arguineguin, in which locals dress up in traditional Canarian clothing, old and young.

Arguineguin Romeria

You will feel like you have been transported back in time, as carts are brought through the streets with fruits, potatoes and offerings for Virgen del Carmen much like a harvest festival or thanksgiving.

You can purchase traditional Canarian clothing at J&J Home in Motor Grande, Puerto Rico.

Paco Guedes Concert

Saturday 9th July 2022

At 23:30h head to the market square where there will be live music on stage with Paco Guedes and Grupo Arena in concert.

Also at 23:30h in the chiringo area there will music from DJ Fano and DJ Nichel B.

Bajada de la Rama

Friday 15th July 2022 – 18:00h (Starts at Pino Seco)

Imagine a water fight then multiply it by 1000 and add music. Bajada de la Rama is one of the most anticipated events of the Summer in Arguineguin, with what seems like the whole of the village dressed in their beach wear parading through the streets with water guns and dancing to the music of Banda Gran Canaria.

Bajada de la Rama Arguineguin Gran Canaria

The origins of this come from Guanche times when Canarians would take branches down to the ocean and hit them into the water to pray to the Gods for rain.

Bajada de la Rama Arguineguin 2022

You really won’t believe how many people participate in this event which starts at Plaza de Pino Seco and heads down the main street of Francisco Navarro and through the village to the beach.

Head to the square for outdoor entertainment usually on a large stage and dine ‘al fresco’ at the ‘Chiringuitos’ where you can enjoy some delicious Canarian foods, grills and drinks.

Prepare to get wet even if you are just watching! Later on in the evening, when all the water guns are put away, get yourself to the market square and nearby for a party.

Festival el Carmen

Friday 15th July 2022

20:00h – Verbena party with Rio Sol at Plaza de las Marañuelas.
22:30h – The main party night of the fiesta carries on until the early hours at the Plaza del Mercadillo with a Café Quijano live concert.
23:30h – Head to the chiringo area on Calle Jose Manuel Santana for DJ Jose Viera, DJ Aitor Cruz and DJ Pablo Suabo.
00:00h – The big firework display starts at midnight.

Día de Nuestra Señora del Carmen

The 16th of July is a very special day as Arguineguin celebrates the day of Carmen.

15:30h Foam party with Paco Guedes at Plaza de las Marañuelas
22:30h As the fiestas come to a close, enjoy a concert from Armonia Show and Star Music (Market Square)
00:00h Fireworks display

Boat Procession

Sunday 17th July 2022 – 09:00h

Head to the harbour for the maritime procession as the statue of Virgen del Carmen is lifted up onto a fishing boat and leads the way to Puerto de Mogan. You can see this from most of Mogán coastline from Arguineguin to Puerto de Mogan. There will be a lot of traffic out at sea this day.

You can choose to pay and go on one of the boats, many of them offering a party atmosphere as they follow the main boat containing the statue. This is always great to watch from the harbour, high up from a balcony in your accommodation or from the promenade by Restaurante Pizzeria Ciao.

Many people watch this procession every year, as Carmen sails along the Mogan coastline, bringing protection to the fishermen and villages along the way.

Tip: Don’t worry if you miss it the first time, there is a procession on Sunday after, when the boats sail back from Puerto de Mogán to Arguineguin.

If you are here on holiday in Arguineguin or surrounding areas during this fiesta, then we urge you to go and take a look and experience some Canarian culture. If you enjoy boats and just people watching, you can head down to the small restaurants and bars by the beach and harbour.

What are you most looking forward to in the Fiestas del Carmen?