Taj Palace Arguineguin Indian Restaurant

Taj Palace III opened it’s doors on the 2nd February 2015, the only Indian restaurant in Arguineguin.

We had been so looking forward to actually paying a visit and tasting the food for ourselves. The original Taj Palace restaurant is in Puerto Rico at Porto Novo by Puerto Base harbour, where we’ve enjoyed many a lovely meal in the past, not forgetting Taj Palace Mogan Mall.

Taj Palace Arguineguin Indian Restaurant
Taj Palace Arguineguin Indian Restaurant

We were greeted as soon as we arrived, the tables by the window were best because of the lovely view of the palm trees and the late afternoon sunshine setting behind them. Straight away we noticed the atmosphere, calm and relaxed with really nice zen background music just the right volume to have a conversation with my dinner companion.


For starters was the obvious classic, crispy papadums and pickle tray with 3 different flavours, my favourite was the onion/cucumber. The Onion Bhaji was equally as tasty.

Taj Palace Starters Arguineguin Indian Restaurant
onion bhaji and pickle tray

Main Course

As it has been a while since I’d eaten Indian food, I went for the mild Mixed Vegetable Curry which was absolutely delicious. I recommend mild for anyone who is new to Indian cuisine or doesn’t like their food too spicy. Next time I will try the medium for a little bit of a kick.

Taj Palace Arguineguin Menu Indian Restaurant
mixed vegetable curry and chicken shashlik

We ordered the Chicken Shashlik which was the star of the show and going by other diners table’s very popular. You can hear it before you order it. It’s brought over on a sizzling hot plate and I couldn’t help but take a short video of it swishing away.

Sadly Taj Palace III is closed for business but we’re leaving this post here for the memories, see more bars and restaurants in Arguineguin. You can still visit other nearby Taj Palace restaurants in Puerto Rico at Mogan Mall and Porto Novo.